SQL Editor
Sx - Schema Explorer
Schema Explorer
Se - SQL Editor
Sm - Session Manager
Session Manager
Sm - Space Manager
Space Manager
Sg - SGA Display
SGA Display
Id - Instance Details
Instance Details
Ss - Server Statistics
Server Statistics
Pm - Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor
Sw - System Waits
System Waits
Tr - Top 5 Resource
Resource Usage
St - Server Tuning
Server Tuning
Um - User Manager
User Manager
Rm - Resource Manager
Top 5 Resource
Ts - Top 5 SQL
Top 5 SQL
DB Activity
Da - DB Activity
Wait Analysis
Wa - Wait Analysis

MyOra Console
MyOra Console (v4.5)
MyOra has 17 different modules (screens), the main purpose of MyOra Console is to show all active modules at once in a easy accessible manner. MyOra Console shows all active modules in form of icons. Each icon represents one module and at the middle of each icon module code is shown. (Please refer MyOra user guide for list module codes and module names). If you click on an icon, the module corresponding to the module code will be activated.

If there is more than one active connection for a given module, then the total number of active connections will be shown at the top right corner of the icon. If you click on an icon with multiple active connections, means an icon with a number on top right corner, then the icon will explode into individual connections and each icon will represent one connection.

Note: On MyOra Console the maximum active connection display limit is 16 for any module. In general, MyOra can have up to 100 active connections (for a single module or combination of modules), but on Console only the first 16 connections of a module will be shown.

The bottom row of the Console has four anchor icons which corresponds to four modules, these modules are SQL Editor, Schema Explorer, Session Manager and Performance Monitor. The anchor icons are always shown at the same location on Console. If there is no active module corresponding to anchor icons, then that icon will not be shown.

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Top Ten SQL (v5.0)
Shows Top Ten SQLs in nine different categories using interactive 2-D / 3-D pie charts. These categories are disk reads, buffer gets, cpu time, elapsed time, direct writes, sharable mem, executions, fetches, rows processed. Top Ten SQLs are retrieved from the database system tables for every 5 seconds (can be changed to any value between 5 seconds and 10 minutes).

Each 2-D/3-D interactive pie chart is responsive to cursor. The SQL id and percentage values for each SQL is listed left of pie chart. If you place the cursor on SQL Id, then the first 60 character of SQL text is shown.

Top Ten SQL
Tt - Top Ten SQL
Top Ten SQL (v5.1)
Blockers Waiters shows Session Blockers, Session Waiters, Locks and Long Running Queries. Also shows all Resource Usage details of each Session.

Blockers Waiters
Bw - Blockers Waiters
Version 6.0

Version 5.5
Additions to Instance Details and Server Statistics screens.

Version 6.4


Version 7.5

Version 7.0

Version 8.0

Version 8.2

Version 8.9

Version 8.6
Version 9.0

Version 9.8
Version 9.2

Version 9.4

Version 9.6
Version 10.0
Version 10.2