MyOra is an advanced Oracle database monitoring Tool with fastest response time and gives instant visibility into Oracle database.

MyOra is completely free for Oracle database Developers, DBAs and Companies.

This tool is simple, fast and easy to use, requires no installation, no Oracle Client and no internet connection. Download MyOra and monitor database performance in Real Time.
Also use MyOra as a DBA tool  or  SQL query tool.  
MyOra version 10.2
Real Time Oracle Monitoring and Performance Analytics Tool
Wait Analysis
DB Activity
Top 5 SQL
System Waits
and many more ...
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Thousands of Companies
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Key Features

Supports Oracle versions  (10g, 11g, 12c, 18c, 19c)

DB Activity
Oracle DB Activity
see all in Real time:
Logical I/O, Physical I/O,
Call Rate, Event Waits,
Latch Misses, Sessions
Performance Monitor
Oracle Performance Monitor
see all in Real time:
Top SQLs, System Waits
Call Rate, Top Sessions,
System Waits
Oracle System Waits
see all in Real time:
Total time waited,
Total number of waits
Top 5 SQL
Oracle Top 5 SQLs
Physical i/o, Logical i/o,
CPU Time, Elapsed Time
  1. No Oracle client required
  2. No installation required
  3. No internet connection required
  4. Smaller byte code
  5. Oracle connectivity through JDBC
  6. Real time Performance Monitoring
  7. Simultaneous Monitoring of 100 Oracle databases
  8. Runs SQL queries while Monitoring
  9. Multiple connections to same database or different database
  10. Also runs from flash drive
  11. Single file executable
What makes
MyOra popular
Session Manager

User Manager

SGA Display
Instance Details
System Waits
Server Tuning
Resource Usage
SQL Editor

Space Manager

Server Statistics
Top 5 SQL
Top 5 Resource
Schema Explorer

DB Activity
Wait Analysis
How to use
Oracle JDBC Driver
with MyOra 10.2
What Oracle
professionals say
about MyOra

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MyOra is written in Java and connects to Oracle database using Oracle JDBC driver. The current version runs on Windows only.

MyOra's MDI framework provides most easy to use and easy to manage user interface when working with multiple sub-windows. Sub-windows can be arranged and viewed vertically or horizontally. Any sub-window can be minimized, maximized or closed at the click of a button.
MyOra is simple, just download to local drive or to a flash drive. Unzip and double-click to start the application. Carry it anywhere in a flash drive and start from the flash drive with a double-click further simplifying the tool usage.
MyOra is used in many ways, as Oracle SQL Developer tool, as Oracle Performance Monitoring tool, as Oracle Database Monitoring Tool, as Oracle Performance Analytical tool. MyOra has feature that are useful for Developers who write simple SQL quires and DBAs who maintains hundreds of Oracle Enterprise databases.

Bugs and Fixes
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MyOra version 10.2
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New feature
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Top Ten SQL
Blockers Waiters
Wait Analysis